Welcome To The Beautiful & Peaceful of Alexlas.

Alexlas is a country, not on Earth, but somewere in space and time. It is beautiful beacause there is beautiful people. It is peaceful beacause there is peaceful life to be the greatest country ever. To the people who are called Alexians, they are like the bushman in Africa, but with techology. And in this world of Alexlas, all Alexians live great fun and happy eternal lives. They cannot die because there to nice to be dead and are healthly at all times. They can never kill one another and they can never have war against each other. They are smart and intelligent and also their minds are bigger than humans and know right from wrong. They are never rough or mean. The males must repect the females and the children are more sweeter. There's is no trouble there and everything is pleasant.

So welcome to my world. Look around and Explore. The Tablish & Mears Family are welcome as well.

If you want to write to me and if any question about Alexlas. Click here >>> Ttablish

'Country's Motto': PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS


This page will be constructed, so you probably see new stuff coming up.

People Of Alexlas - Shows the Alexlians and their heritage.

Cities of Alexlas - Shows cities, towns, villages and little communities.

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