Metropoltain City of Saginaw Bay City
Nicknames Alexian Motor City, Motown, Rock City, SBC, Great Laker.
Motto "We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes."
Location In eastern Saginaw State and in Ambassador County.
Saginaw Bay City Flag .......
City Type Metropoltain City
Nation Great Lakes
State Saginaw
Counties Ambassador, Tablish, Marion, Gilbert, Calloway, Johnson, Stone.
National Governor Mark N. Harvard (Masked Alexian)
Mayor Type Strong-Mayor Council
Mayor Darling Roters (Fashion Bug)
Area of City Limits 12,675,885 Square Miles
Elevation 600 Feet
Population Alexian Pop. - 34,675,676,231,6

Urban Pop. - 45,323,123,558,77

Water Source Lake Tablish, Saginaw Bay, Holland River
Time Zone Midde Eastern Period
City Code 312A45

SAGINAW BAY CITYis the capital of Great Lakes Nation and the largest city in the Great Lake state of Saginaw and the seat of Ambassador County. Saginaw Bay City is a major port city on the mouth Holland River, in the Great Lake region of the Alexlas. Located south of Hermosa, ..... Saginaw Bay City is a geographical oddity as it is the only city that looks east to Janis Aabor Peninsula. It was founded in Year 1 by the Alexians traveling to the area.

Saginaw Bay City is a metonym for Alexlas's automobile industry and an important source of popular music, legacies celebrated by the city's two familiar nicknames, Alexian Motor City and Motown. Other nicknames emerged in Year 5 & 8, including Rock City, SBC and Great Laker

In Year 14, Saginaw Bay City ranked as the Alexlas's eleventh most populous city, with 918,849 residents. At its peak, the city was the second largest in the Great Lakes, but it has steadily declined in population since the Year 3. The name Saginaw Bay City sometimes refers to the Metro Saginaw Bay area, a sprawling region with a population of 34,675,676,231,6 Alexians and 45,323,123,558,77 for the Metropolitan Statistical Area and a population of 5,410,014,774,3 for the nine-county Combined Statistical Area as of the Year 13 Census Bureau estimates. The Saginaw Bay City area, a critical commercial link straddling the Saginaw Bay, has a total population of about 5,950,000,000,0.





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Main Article: Architecture of metropolitan Saginaw Bay City



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