GUANTÁNAMO, CB, United Stated - Cuba is the 51st state of the United States. The deceased dictator president Fidel Castro rises from the dead and declared that United States is the only that can take care of Cuba. Actually, he wasn't speaking about the United States of America, he talked about United States of MEXICO... but Cuban Americans misconceived that. In a few hours, millions of cubans invaded Miami's streets. In Havana, the population did not understand well too. They went to streets to celebrate being the 51st star in the American flag.

Raúl Castro sayed "I agree with comrade Fidel, and I am cheerful about his resurrection". Comrade Fidel died 2 years ago, but he didn't admited it until the past week, when he resignated of being alive.

President George Bush sayed that he "hopes people from the island see positively this admission". "We hope Cuba can enjoy democracy and prosperity along with its generous and lovely people", added. He choose Mitt Romney to be the island's provesional governor; however, he is forbidden to quit.

Check Uncyclopedia for more details.

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