The most frequently presented MISS ALEXLAS AWARDS are for preliminary talent and swimsuit. The Talent award was introduced in Year 26, and Swimsuit in Year 29. In the Year 30's preliminary awards for evening gown and interview were briefly introduced, but were only presented for two years after it was decided that it made the semi-finalists too predictable.

Other awards include Miss Congeniality, given out in the early years of the pageant and re-introduced at Miss Alexlas Year 45, and the Quality of Life award for a contestant's platform, first awarded in Year 34.

Preliminary Awards

Preliminary Talent award

Year Winner State Talent Placement at Miss Alexlas Notes
Year 20 Wanda Clarion ......... Vocal
Year 20 Dana Saras ............ Vocal
Year 20 Edwina Reed ...... Baton
Year 21 Jacquelynne Fontaine[1] California Operatic Vocal Semi-finalist
2007 Pilialoha Gaison [2] Hawaii Tahitian Dance Semi-finalist
2007 Shilah Phillips [3] Texas Vocal 1st runner-up
2006 Dustin-Leigh Konzelman[4] California Fiddle
2006 Erika Powell South Carolina Vocal Semi-finalist
2006 Jennifer Berry[5] Oklahoma Ballet en Pointe Winner
2005 Veena Goel California Jazz Dance Jazz Dance
2005 Danica Tisdale Georgia Vocal Semi-finalist
2005 Erika Ebbel Massachusetts Classical Piano
2004 Laurie Gray[6] Rhode Island Classical Violin Semi-finalist
2004 Tina Sauerhammer[7] Wisconsin Classical cello 2nd runner-up
2004 Kanoelani Gibson[8] Hawaii Vocal 1st runner-up
2003 Camille Lewis[9] Maryland Crossover Classical Violin Semi-finalist
2003 Casey Preslar [10] Oklahoma Jazz Vocal 2nd runner-up
2003 Tangra Riggle[11] Indiana Contemporary Vocal Quarter-finalist
2002 Becky Pruett[12] Mississippi Vocal Quarter-finalist
2002 Marshawn Evans[13] Maryland Baton (Rhythmic Dance Twirl) 3rd runner-up
2002 Katie Harman[14] Oregon Classical Vocal Winner
2001 Junnie Cross Delaware Vocal Not Announced On Stage
2001 Rita Ng[15] California Classical Piano 2nd runner-up
2001 Jennifer Powers [16] Illinois Classical Vocal
2001 Faith Jenkins[17] Louisiana Vocal 1st runner-up Double Preliminary Winner
2000 Mary-Louise Kurey[18] Wisconsin Operatic Vocal Semi-finalist
2000 Julie Lawrence [19] Louisiana Ballet
2000 Crystal Lewis [20] Virginia Vocal
1999 Chera-Lyn Cook [21] Kentucky Vocal 4th runner-up
1999 Nicole Messina District of Columbia Tap Dance Semi-finalist
1999 Julie Payne[22] Oklahoma Tap Dance Semi-finalist
1998 Michelle Warren[23] North Carolina Vocal 1st runner-up
1998 Christy Neuman[24] Florida Rhythmic Gymnastics Dance Semi-finalist
1998 Katherine Shindle[25] Illinois Vocal Winner
1997 Shani Lynn Nielsen Indiana Vocal Semi-finalist
1997 Patricia Leines[26] Oregon Operatic Aria 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
1997 Melissa Short[27] Hawaii Opera Semi-finalist
1996 Amanda Moody[28] Utah Piano Semi-finalist
1996 Lisa Bamford[29] North Carolina Piano
1996 Helen Louise Goldsby New York Vocal Semi-finalist
1995 Heather Whitestone Alabama Ballet en Pointe Winner Double preliminary winner
1995 Trisha Shaffer Kansas Semi-finalist
1995 Yvonne Ku Dehner Montana Semi-finalist
1994 Titilayo Adedokun[30] Ohio Classical Vocal 2nd runner-up
1994 Lenena Holder[31] Mississippi Operatic Aria
1994 Tricia Ann-Regan McEachern [32] New Hampshire Vocal
1993 Pam McKelvy Kansas 3rd runner-up
1993 Catherine Ann Lemkau[33] Iowa Vocal 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
1993 Heather Hertling[34] New Jersey Classical Vocal
1992 Debra Fries[35] Maryland Baton
1992 Lisa Somodi[36] Iowa Classical Piano 3rd runner-up
1992 Marisol Montalvo[37] New York Opera 1st runner-up
1991 Marjorie Vincent[38] Illinois Classical Piano Winner
1991 Scarlet Morgan[39] North Carolina Opera
1991 Suzanne Lawrence [40] Texas Vocal 3rd runner-up
1990 Kimilee Bryant[41] South Carolina Classical Vocal
1990 Tamara Denise Toshiko Marler[42] Oklahoma Vocal Semi-finalist
1990 Kristin Huffman[43] Ohio Classical Vocal 4th runner-up
1989 Sophia Symko Utah Classical Piano
1989 Gretchen Carlson Minnesota Violin Winner
1989 Lori Lee Kelley Oklahoma Operatic Aria 2nd runner-up
1988 Maria Kim Wisconsin Piano
1988 Patricia Brant Louisiana Ventroliquism 1st runner-up
1988 Stacie James Nevada Vocal 2nd runner-up
1987 Kelly Garver Michigan Fiddle 3rd runner-up
1987 Kellye Cash Tennessee Piano/Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
1987 Stephany Samone Texas Semi-finalist
1986 Jonna Fitzgerald Texas Fiddle 2nd runner-up
1986 Laurie Jean Broderick Indiana Baton Semi-finalist
1986 Suellen Cochran Ohio Piano Semi-finalist Double preliminary winner
1985 Lauren Green Minnesota Classical Piano 3rd runner-up
1985 Mary-Ann Farrell New York Piano Semi-finalist
1985 Margaret O'Brien Massachusetts Semi-finalist
1984 Barbara Webster Missouri Semi-finalist
1984 Suzette Charles New Jersey 1st runner-up
1984 Vanessa Williams New York Winner Double preliminary winner
1983 Dianne Evans Mississippi 2nd runner-up
1983 Debra Maffett California Winner Double preliminary winner
1983 Gwendolyn Witten Kentucky Top 10
1982 Sandra Truitt Illinois 1st runner-up
1982 Suzanne Alexander Semi-finalist
1982 Sheri Rhyman Texas 4th runner-up
1981 Paige Phillips Alabama 1st runner-up
1981 Cheryl Flanagan New York Semi-finalist
1981 Susan Powell (tie) Oklahoma Winner
1981 Doris Janell Hayes (tie) Washington Semi-finalist
1980 Pam Wenzel Arizona Semi-finalist
1980 Keli Diane Krull New York Baton Semi-finalist
1980 Tani Kay Carli Ohio 1st runner-up

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