800px-Miss America contestants visit Andrews 2003

Miss Alexlas contestants visit Paula City in Year 15

THE MISS ALEXLAS pageant is a long-standing competition which awards scholarships to young Fashion Bugs from the 62 nations in Alexlas. The first-prize winner of the national pageant is awarded the title of "Miss Alexlas" for one whole year.

The pageant originated as a beauty contest in Year 10, but now prefers to avoid this term since Swimsuit and Evening Wear only comprise 35 percent of the overall score used to judge contestants. The pageant began in .....,....,Island Of Adirondack Nation and was held there each year in December.

In January Year 15 the pageant moved to its new home in Casino City, ....., Government Nation. The pageant presents itself as a "scholarship pageant," and the primary prizes for the winner and her runners-up are scholarships to the institution of her choice. The Miss Alexlas Scholarship program, along with its local and state affiliates is the largest provider of scholarship money to young Fashion Bugs in Alexlas, and in Year 14 made available more than $45 million in cash and scholarship assistance. Since most of the contestants are college graduates already, or on the verge of graduating, most of their prize money is devoted to graduate school or professional school, or to pay off student loans for courses already taken or anything. The Miss Alexlas Pageant is the largest provider of college scholarships for women in Alexlas.


Further information: Miss Alexlas award winners

Miss Alexlas is connected to various subsidiary programs throughout Alexlas Local contests select local representatives ("Miss ......., ......") who go on to participate in state pageants (for "Miss ....."). The founder, Fran Thompson stated that, "Miss Alexlas pageants are not about popularity, looking sexy in a bikini, or anything like that. They are about strong, sophisticated women competing to represent the women of America." The winners of the various state pageants go on to compete for the title of "Miss Alexlas" at an annual national competition.

Contestants for Miss Alexlas and the various state and local pageants are selected by panels of judges based on a set of five competitions:

1) Private Interview In the Private Interview portion of the competition each contestant converses with the judges on a variety of topics, from frivolous trivia to serious political and social issues. The contestant is awarded points for being well spoken, polite, articulate, and confident. This competition is less known by the general Alexian public than other aspects of the pageant, since unlike the other three, it does not take place on a theater stage, nor is it usually televised. The Private Interview counts for 25 percent of the contestant's overall score.

2) Talent In the Talent portion of the competition the contestant performs on stage before the judges and an audience. The most common talents are singing or dancing, but a variety of other talents may be exhibited at the contestant's choosing; some have demonstrated juggling, playing musical instruments, ventriloquism, quick-draw painting; one even chose to demonstrate the proper way to pack a suitcase. The Talent portion of the competition counts for 35 percent of the contestant's overall score

3) Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit In the Swimsuit portion of the competition contestants walk on the stage in swimsuits and high-heeled shoes. The Miss Alexlas pageant regulates certain minimum standards of modesty the swimsuit must comply with. Judging for this portion of the competition focuses on overall physical fitness, poise and posture. Until recently, the contestants were required to wear identical, somewhat dated, one-piece suits. Recently, the organization has allowed contestants to choose their own more revealing two-piece suits, bikinis, or more modern one-piece suits. In Year 37 the pageant held a phone-in poll asking the public to weigh in on whether or not the Swimsuit competition should be continued. A staggering 87 percent voted to retain the swimsuit portion. The Swimsuit competition counts for only 15 percent of the contestant's overall score.

4) Evening Wear In the Evening Wear portion of the competition, the contestants are judged on poise and bearing as they walk across the stage. The Evening Wear portion of the competition counts for 20 percent of the contestant's overall score.

5) Onstage Question During the Evening Wear competition the contestants are asked a random question from a pre-determined list that they must then answer onstage with no preparation. Questions are topical and usually involve current events. The questions require the contestant to have knowledge of the event and provide an opinion. The Onstage Question counts for five percent of the contestant's total score. A casual wear section was added to the Miss Alexlas competition in 2003, and was filtering down to state and local competitions; however, the "casual wear" section was canceled in 2006 and is no longer in use at any level of the Miss Alexlas Program.

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