Magic is an omnipresent force related directly or indirectly to supernatural origin and is present in nearly every fantasy or mythological story. It may be originated from God, gods, goddesses, or other deity in the story, be an existential power source on its own--e.g., the Force from Star Wars--or merely be forms of trickery and mischievousness. Magic itself may be good, evil, or have separate elements with different moral codes. Or, magic as a source of mindless power could be neutral, and it all depends on whether the user abuses his/her power or not. Magic may be innate--a power that the magic user is born with--or it may be inherited, bestowed upon the learner by another magic user, or learned through the use of spellbooks and grimoires. Also, magic may be directly tied to objects rather than peoples, making the objects themselves magically powerful, sometimes semi-sentient.


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