This List of Fire attacks in Bionicle Kids will tell you all of the fire attacks, From Aros, to Heartless, to the Bionicle kids themselves.

Aros attacks

Heat Beam
Mercury's Heat
Aros Flame
Flamequake(Similar to an earthquake, except fire comes out of the ground.)
Spark of Fury

Heartless attacks

Firedragon's roar
Fire slash
Fire claw
Fire Talon
Fire bolt
Restless Banshee
Roar of the Dragon.
Mordor Dash
Spook of flames
Enemy charge

Nobody attacks

Pendulum of flame

Bionicle Kid attacks

Fireball - basic
Blazing rocket - advanced
Lore's master - advanced
Yellowstone - Advanced
Auron - Summon
Sauron - Summon
Balrog - Summon
Chaos roar - Advanced
Power Pulses - Advanced

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