Insel-Cops (or Island-Cops) is a Spin-Off of Alarm für Cobra 11 showed only on Sadrian TV.


In first Series Björn Sörensen und Lars Klaasen were normal Cops who are chasing Gangsters. In Second Series they are working for the state like FBI.


First Series: Björn drives a yellow Chevrolet Malibu and Lars a Police VW Touareg.

Second Series: Björn drives a Ford Crown Victoria, Lars uses different cars.


There are 2 different episode arcs. The one who are on TV and the ones who are only written.


1. Series (Die Gang)

  • The Beginning: Chris Sladislav stoles a taxi and stops a gangster. Police make him a policeman.
  • First Love: Chris Sladislav gets a new girlfriend. Some people join him.

3 other episodes.

2. Series

3. Series (now Alarm für Cobra 11)

  • Wine and Schine (German: Entronnene Erinnerungen)
  • Avalanche (later also written)
  • Rolling Trucks (German: Rollende Landstraße)

4. Series (under motto "Faster, Higher, Wider")

5. Series (under motto "They are back again")

6. Series (under motto "Its getting hotter")

7. Series (now Insel-Cops)

  • The New Beginning
  • Chase for the top (German: Der Höhenflug)
  • Accelerate and Brake

8. Series

  • Wild Wild West

9. Series

  • On the Chase
  • Girl Allmighty (was deleted from written series, Derivation from Bruce Allmighty)
  • Cold Peace (a derivation from Cold War)
  • Explosions

more planned

Written Series

1. Series

  • The Beginning (based on "The New Beginning")
  • Avalanche (Remake with some differences and other persons)
  • Chase for the Top
  • Accelerate and Brake

2. Series

  • On the Chase
  • Cold Peace
  • Explosions


A Movie was also filmed, where the biggest countries of the world have a war against each other and Island-Cops must stop them.


  • The Series was never filmed on original locations. Only 2 times it was filmed in Herz and 3 times played in Herz with fictional locations. The Gang was settled in Parieado (in TV its called Gerlde) but the building doesnt exist.
  • Because the Regisseur doesnt like Herz the Cars have only Numberplates from the city of Gerlde. The famous number plate IS - G 481 was used by all main characters.

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