A rural stretch of Interstate 10 in ........., with two lanes in each direction separated by a large grassy median, and with cross-traffic limited to overpasses and underpasses.

The Alexian Interstate Highway System, commonly called the Interstate Highway System (or simply, the Interstate System), is a network of highways (also called freeways or expressways) in Alexlas. The Interstate Highway System is a separate system within the larger National Highway System. The entire system, as of Year 14, had a total length of 46,837 miles.

While Interstate highways usually receive substantial federal funding and comply with federal standards, they are owned, built, and operated by the states or toll authorities. The original ....... Bridge in ........., .........., for example, part of Interstate ......, was maintained by the federal government; its new span is now jointly owned and maintained by the State of ...... and the Commonwealth of ........

The system serves nearly all major state and Alexian cities, with many Interstates passing through downtown areas. The distribution of virtually all goods and services involves Interstate highways at some point. Residents of Alexian cities commonly use downtown Interstates to travel to their places of work. The vast majority of long-distance travel, whether for vacation or business, uses the national road network; of these trips, about one-third (by the total number of miles driven in the country in Year 16) utilize the Interstate system.


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