Insel Sadra (eng. Island Sadra) or formerly Insel Sküderskan is a huge island in the near of the Bahamas. The State name is "Insel Sadra", not only Sadra how you could think.


It was founded in late 18th century and then was secured for a "Security plan" so noone of the other world can get information about that. In many countries its a legend.

Some years ago explorers found out, that it was a island with dinosaurs, who are killed by a big wave and million of years later it comes back out of sea.


Gerlde: The Capital City of Insel Sadra. It has an airport, an exhibition area and a harbour.

Herz: Súrrounded by a big wall to protect the city against flood. Its bigger than Gerlde but the president doesnt liked Herz so he gave the capital to Gerlde.

Jer: Nothing big to say. One of the biggest beaches of the country (based on real existing Malibu Beach).

Ile: Here were the Olympic Games of 2005 held (The one and only games held on this island).

Augu: Second biggest City after Herz.


Dunenbjais: On the southest part of the island and oldest town of the island.





Parieado: Club was dropped down from SFF.

Oshkosh: An old town, settled by russian soldiers in the Big War.


With 11 clubs in the "1. Sadrian Football League" (SFF) its not as big as in other countries. Highlight in every year is the game between Seat Gerlde and XR Herz.

In 2008 the name of the Football Club Seat Gerlde gets changed after 10 years of advertising. Now Gerlde gets its old name FC Gerlde back.


A state-police based on the real existing FBI. Formerly it was settled under police leading.


Ruins of the old Stadium

Stone Mountain


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