Template:Wikify The King(Or queen) Ice Emerald, The Ice Diamond of Ko-metru, also call Korole is a powerfull object. Who ever has has their ice powers boosted, or gets ice powers if the holder has none. It gives the Ice Power Bionicle Kids Their powers, but they will lose them if it is destroyed. Snow, The leader of the ice team, coated her part with Super-Solid Protodermis. All Members of Bionicle Kids can get temporary ice powers from it, unlike Matoran, who only can see it. It is Located in the Freezer Of Snow's Cocoa Shop Where Reddi whip of all flavors and Ice to cool Cocoa down if it get's too hot is stored. It is stored in the Secret Compartment of the freezer.

For more on Ice crystals check these articles:





Each was named after a Ice team leader, with Ko added at the end to honor Ko-metru.

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