See Also: Iban II

Name: Iban, Space Eraser

Sex: None

Race: Android


  • Eraserbeam (Iban jumps 10 feet into the air and hover while firing a beam at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The beam widens slowly from nothing to 1 foot in diameter, then vanishes and Iban drops to the ground. The effect of the beam is to cause any matter caught within it to cease to exist)
  • Minor space shift (Causes a moving object to stop moving and a nonmoving object to begin moving with the same amount of energy)
  • E/M Conversion (Converts a small amount of Iban's own body to pure energy and releases it in a chosen direction)


Iban was created on Hollowstar by the Gold King as part of the long Andriod Gladiator Series. Iban was created for continual combat, but the Gold King preferred to keep him in a box, seeing as how no other gladiators were yet any match for him. He eventually rebelled against his creator, fled and went on a rampage across the universe. The Gold King tried to kill him several times, but eventually gave up and went back to his toys.