Gorns Alexians
Origin North, East, West, Central Alexlas
Language Engish
Average Height 1.10 to 2.3 meters
Skin Color Green
Distinctions Rubberly Skin and Warm-Blooded Reptite

GORNS are a warm-blooded reptilian Alexians with green rubbery snakelike skin and a average height of two meters.


The Gorns are the first reptilian Alexians in Alexlas. The first species came around two days after the start of Year 14.

They are warm-blooded and can stand up to temperature up to 7 degrees in cold parts of Alexlas. There green rubbery snakelike skin helps them from getting sunburn and there height is two meters which they walk on to legs and grab with two hands and arms. They tend to be stronger than most Alexians combine and can throw a 5 pond boulder over there head. How they hear sounds, comes from the holes on the sides of there heads. Their eyes have no pupils which makes them look like they are blind but the Gorn's eyes are much like the compound eyes of insects, but this gives them propection from bright light. On the top of the head is a set of unhard rubberly spikes that goes across the head and to the back of the neck and also across the top of the eyes. The spikes would usually hurt if laid on top of the head, but since there make of rubber they would bend back.

When a Gorn talks, it does not speak through it's mouth. Gorns tend to talk to eachother and other Alexians through their mind. Nobody, even the Gorn, knows how that works. One of the most famous Gorns of all time is Andrew the Great, who fought many a dangerous battle in numerous galactic wars.

Gorn Culture

Gorns have many kinds of culture they live on. They like there cell phones, there cars and there houses. They like raping themselves in silk and leather. And they like getting drunk sometimes. They have only one tradition called a Gorn Party. There tradition is do what every you want with other people which brought up the words Gorn Party. The party has everything and welcomes any diiferent kind of Alexian. Their party's location is held in forrest area.

When the Gorn party starts, they set a large pile of sticks on fire and bring out the beer. At the party, there are Gorns eder around the fire, or swimming in a pond or lake and wrestle with one another.

They wear slik and satan costumes that comes in shapes and looks. The Gorns only wear this kind of tradational clothing, the other Alexians don't.

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