Gerlde is the Capital City of Insel Sadra. The name derives from the german words "gerne da" (love it to be there).


German Settlers builded a city in an old dried river bed. But later because of a mistake the river bed was flooded again so the town was destroyed. A smaller town was built, first for giving the people, who lost their homes, a house, but then be made as a real town (so some people call it "New Gerlde" but thats wrong). Its not very big but because of his sadly history it gets capital city again.


The "Insel-sadrische Automobil Ausstellung" (not to mistake with german IAA) is the national car exhibition and is held in the Exhibition Area of Gerlde. The Area has three halls, but because of more cars in the last years its planned to make a fourth hall (-> for more information read IAA).


Old Stadium: The only building thats from the old town existing. The Stadium was hitten by the big wave were at the moment was a game, so many people were killed. One part of the stadium was so hard hitten that its brakes out. Thats gave him a little bit the look of the german "Olympia-Stadion" in Berlin. Noone is sure, whats the real name of the stadium, because all datas are destroyed in flood.

Seat Arena or formerly New Stadium is a hightech stadium build near to the harbour. Its the biggest stadium of the island (read more information at Seat Arena).


The town Parieado is often called as Gerlde, because its near to the two stadiums. Its also only kilometers away from the position of the old town.

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