This article is about the Heartless, for the crystal, go to Firedragon (Crystal)

Profile and history

The Firedragon is a massive Heartless spawned by Draken releasing part of his fire energy during his sleep, and also a major enemy in episode 34 of Silent hero, Awakening. Firedragon acted like a dragon, as his name suggested, and had the force of the Ecto-twister, with the power to destroy planets, but only used the devastating power as a fail-safe, and never got the chance, as he served Draken for an unknown reason, and that when he realized that, ordered the Firedragon to destroy itself. It was resurrected along with Icedragon. They were defeated again by Draken, who ordered Firedragon to destroy Icedragon, then Data used a special serum to make it good. Firedragon is now one of Draken's many pets, and one of the two that can fight. Draken is sometimes paid to make Firedragon fly around major sports games or be seen at the archives. Draken is also paid to have Firedragon do stunts up in the air in several Metru.


"I do not serve you, I serve the flame in the night!" - Says when Makuta or another evil being tries to add Firedragon to their Heartless armies.

"I suppose it would be a persuading offer, but I am no Rahi...I am the Flying Fire!" - After Whenua asks him if he would like to be an exhibit in the Rahi section of the archives.

"I do not can I be here? I am the Essence of him..His power...his mind...Him! But, now that I am no longer part of him..I must serve him, as I did when I was part of him!" "Well, I didn't do it, Dragon." - First person is Firedragon, second is Alpha-1. Says when he forms into being.

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