Electrax is the lightning Vampire Hero in Bionicle Kids and injected with Sway Venom. He is the only known person to survive Prototype Sway Venom.


Electrax was always a vampire, but not always a hero. Before he was a Bionicle Kid, sometimes he bit Rahi just to see the outcome. Once he almost got the outcome of a bat-like rahi, but was separated before he got any more than half done. This resulted in the rahi Shadow Bats, and Electrax got slightly favored by Metru Nui mad scientists. When the Bionicle Kids became a team, Electrax joined, being regarded as one of the first Vampire Heroes on any team. Electrax was being held captured and had been injected with the Prototype Sway Venom when Iano came in and injected on accident. He had been injected a second time, after Iano's death and then Axizx came in and was also injected, but this time was captured. The third time it had been perfected. He had side swings, as nicknamed, one minute saving you the next pushing you into a volcano. He went to the Dark Land where they had a cure and struck a deal: Electrax was to serve them for ten years and the cure would be his. Two years have passed and he is right now still on the Dark Land. His side swings to the side of evil have been growing longer, making Alpha-1 theory that by the ten years is over, the effect will be permanent. His full story is recorded in episodes 38, 39, 40, and 47(Alpha flashback) of VHC.


Electrax has the thunder and electricity at his hand and also devastating limit attacks with his masters. With Jundiak, he can use the Shadow Lightning, which makes a twister with the shadow power that has the effect of electric fence. With Qylion he can use the Dark Thunder, making a huge Tsunami with once again the shadow power and the effect of an electric fence. When he was in Bionicle kids, he had many limits and were hard to count.


"Stop! Iano! STOP!" - In episode 38 of The Vampire Hero Chronicles, Flashback, in a flashback.

"This decision could be fatal, but we have...a deal." - In episode 39 of The Vampire hero chronicles, The deal. Click the link for the Chronicles.

"You think you're the better one, do you? Well, you don't know the power of shadow." - To Alpha-1 in episode 68 of Silent hero, Warnings of doom while locked in combat.


Electrax prefers weapons, not his powers, but they can be seen here: List of lightning and thunder attacks in Bionicle Kids

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