A dwarf is, as its name suggests, a small humanoid being. They are like elves in ear shape but are usually short, obese, and brawny sometimes living underground with magical powers and skills in metallurgy. Dwarves are known for their mining skills and as of such, are often portrayed to live inside caves or mountains, very much unlike their Elf allies, who are shown to have houses in trees and forests.


The average dwarf is short and round with strong, muscly arms and legs. The typical dwarf male has a large beard, wheras the females do not. Dwarfs are extreamly greedy when it comes to gold and as of such, rich dwarves make sure they show their profits off by wearing various gold accessor
Ginger bearded warrior

A dwarf warrior

ies such as rings or necklaces.

Dwarf warriors on the other hand, are usually seen with a large axe (Dwarven weapon of choice) as well as full body armor.