Legend of the Beginning

Bionicle Kids is a Orginazation in Bio-earth, A earth in a dimension other than the one with Jill. It was created by Iano (accidentally) in a different area of the universe. bio-earth was empty until Alpha-1, where after he stepped through a portal to it, seeing it was empty, used his powers to make bio-earth Full of Bionicles, dead, alive, and transformed. (Went from Matoran to Toa to Turaga to legend). Alpha-1 took interest in them, it was his main subject in all studies of his world, and decided to make all the lands there, though the inhabitants all wound up in Metru Nui. Alpha-1 also made other areas of Metru Nui other than the ones in our world. All things that happened in Bionicle in our world happened before Alpha-1 Decided to go back to Bio-earth (he was a Ghostcatcher at the time) to make it safe. Bionicle kids of Metru Nui grew, until they were about one hundred (many more were still to be discovered, though).


Bionicle Kids is an organization of children gifted by Mata Nui with the powers of the Element Diamonds. Rainbow Diamond chooses the organization leader by giving the next leader various powers. That leader can give other Bionicle Kid agents other powers temporarily. The leaders have been:

  • Two Fires (Iano and axizx, Both died because of Prototype Sway Venom which at that time contained Neurotoxin)
  • One Space (Centauri; No one knows what happened. He went on a mission in space and never returned)
  • One Technology (Alpha-1, present to this day. Alpha-1 greatest deed was awakening the forgotten Metru's to stop Makuta's Army from taking over the Legendary Metru Nui.)


  • Vampire - Draken (originally Flameshot)
  • Leader - Heat (Shawn Doantayr, Brother of Draken)
  • Second runner - None
  • Third Run - None
  • Fourth Mate - None
  • Fifth Hero - None

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