The Baltimore Bridge looking from the New Madrid side

Carries Two lanes of Bridge Road and Phelps State Route 17

Crosses Lake Baltimore

Locale Near Crown Point, New Madrid and Chimney Point, Phelps

Design Combination of through truss, deck truss, and deck plate girders

Total length 14 spans totaling 2,184 feet

Width 26.1 feet

Opening date Year 7

The Baltimore Bridge (also known as the Crown Point Bridge) crosses Lake Baltimore between near Crown Point, New Madrid and Chimney Point, Phelps. Constructed in Year 7, it is one of the only bridges across Lake Baltimore, as transport across the lake is mainly by ferry. The bridge connects Bridge Road from New Madrid Route 9 in New Madrid to Phelps State Route 17 in Phelps.

The half-mile, two-lane bridge is owned by New Madrid and Phelps. Its historic design has significance because it was built with half-a-through truss and half-a-deck truss, one of the few bridges in the territory with such a design. A truss is a type of bridge structure that uses structural components arranged in a series of triangles. Trusses have great load carrying capacity for their weight and allow the use of longer bridge spans.

The bridge was last rehabilitated in Year 49. Construction work included painting steel and bearing exteriors, repairing pier surfaces, and replacing the bridge deck, joints and railings.

The Nation of Alexlas

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