The 2008 Polish-Soviet War was a worldwide war, who took part in the destroyed Soviet Union and Poland.

It started in the mid 2007's. The Soviet Union re-united, and Putin wanted to dominate the whole world. But Poland was his main rival. On December 28, he tried to annex Poland. The first battle took part in Białystock. The result: Poland won without a dead soldier.

After this, Putin knew that Poland would try to destroy the Soviet army: he was right. On December 31, the Armia Krajowa arrived in Mińsk. The Belarussian dictator Aleksander Lukashenko is judged and executed by the Democratic Assembly of Independent Belarus in his own palace. Belarus declares independence from the rest of Soviet Union. At this moment, Chechenia, Sakha and Bashkortostan declare independence too. The Soviet Union doesn't stand a chance to wage war in two fronts and recongizes these regions as independent countries.

The next phase of the war saw Poland winning key battles to arrive in Moscow. The first soldier to arrive in the city was Marek Wachelówski on January 21, 2008. Russian soldiers surrended, but Putin was trying to fly to North Korea. At the airport, the population turned against him, and called the Polish soldiers to "take care" of Vovochka. He was executed too, but this time by the Russians, who hate him until present times.

The end of hostilities happened after a Polish-Soviet peace treaty, who prohibited communist parties in that country and in the rest of the failed Soviet Union.

The defeated Soviet Union ceased to exist once again. The Belarussian National Republic and the Russian Empire were formed instead.